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"Building Skills One Drive at a Time"

Driving streetSkills Flashcards were written by experienced driver education teacher, Jon DelVecchio, to help reduce the number of teen crashes.  The cards are like having a driver education teacher with you at all times while you are going through the student driver phase and beyond.  Jon has condensed more than a decade of continuous driving instruction into this concise book. 

Research has shown that teens are careful drivers their first six months after getting licensed.  After six months they begin the downward spiral into carelessness and increased risk.  The cards help build good skills and habits in the learning stage and provide a way for teens to maintain driving excellence for the first few vulnerable and impressionable years.

 The "skills" are listed below:

 Example Flashcards:

1. Non-Negotiable Habits

2. Gauges and Controls

3. Gears

4. Looking

5. Starting Out

6. Slowing/Stopping

7. Lane Position

8. Turning

9. Backing Up

10. Managing Risk

11. Managing Distractions

12. Courtesy

13. Driving Perception

14. Traffic Decisions

15. Intersections

16. Managing Space

17. Speed Control

18. Construction Zones

19. Motorcyclists

20. Other Roadway Users

21. Parking - Forward

22. Parking - Backward

23. Parallel Parking

24. Three Point Turning

25. Road Rage

26. Poor Weather Tips

27. Emergencies

28. Roadside Remedies

29. Traffic Stops




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